Key: CE Copy-editor; P Proofreader; PM Project Manager; W Copywriter







Here's some text and bullet points about what I offer publishers. e.g. edit books, proofread books, write book blurbs, followed by a list of lovely publishers I've worked with.

•   Oxford Case Histories in Geriatric Medicine (Thompson)  CE

  To Comfort Always: A History of Palliative Medicine in the Nineteenth Century (Clark)  CE

•   Quantum Mechanics: A Complete Introduction (Zagoskin)  CE

•   Sports Science: A Complete Introduction (Rea)  P

  Proceedings of the P-I Brånemark Memorial Symposium (Brånemark/van Steenberghe)  CE

•   Illustrated Guide to Eyelid & Periorbital Surgery (Fratila)  CE, P

   Illustrated Guide to Injectable Fillers (Sattler)  CE, P

•   Academic essays, research papers and articles for Oxford Language Editing  CE

  LaTeX manuscript editing for Copernicus Publications' open access earth sciences journals  CE

  ENDO and EJOI for Quintessence Publishing  CE, PM

•   The Residents' Journals for Runwild Media  P


For publishers


(e.g. businesses, charities, independent authors and academics)


Here's some text and bullet points about what I offer businesses. e.g. edit reports,

proofread brochures, source and updates news stories, edit or compose press releases,

website copy, followed by a list of lovely businesses I've worked with.

•​   Editor for Recruitment Agency Now, Velvet Apple Media  CE, P, W 

  Tomorrow’s Company, various white papers and reports  P

•   Open City summer events leaflet text  P

•   Blog articles for Cats Protection, see here and here W

•   Tony Fowkes Automobiles – website text CE, W

•   Web copy on Florida theme parks for a client of Firetop Ltd., see here  W

•   Articles and web copy on yoga  W

•   Some examples of published articles, both online and print, can be found here  W

  Writing press releases for a variety of clients and audiences (2008–9)

     (please contact me for more information)


For individuals
  Proofreading and/or copy-editing for academic articles prior to submission for peer review or publication CE, P

  Proofreading for student essays and theses (NB: students must be granted prior permission from their supervisor and be able to provide a copy of their university's guidelines for essay preparation)   P

  I'm also happy to work with indie authors, graduates' and students' CVs, give a quick once-over on your tattoo design before things get real, and so on! P


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