From an early age, I nearly always had my head between the pages of a book — reading just about anything from Rhoald Dahl's tales of Twits to the Reader's Digest family health encyclopedia — so it should have come as no surprise to anyone that I'd end up making a living doing it. 


During my BA Honours degree in English Literature at Roehampton University of Surrey, I spent most of my time with my head stuck in the Romantic period of literature that followed the French Revolution and the Storm of the Bastille in 1789 (although thankfully not the guillotine).  











From working in-house for several publishing and communications companies (2005-14), in autumn 2014  I made the break to go freelance — and haven't looked back!

I specialise in two main non-fiction areas: academic and STM publications; and trade press and corporate communications. Please see my Portfolio for the lowdown on what I've been busy with in recent months...

My recent clients include: Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Hodder Education, Whitefox, Quintessence Publishing, Velvet Apple Media, Open City, Tomorrow's Company, Runwild MediaCats Protection, Oxford Language Editing, Copernicus Publications, KVM books

Training and professional development

  • Copyright: How to get what you want in the digital age (PTC) 2019

  • Medical Editing (SfEP) 2017

  • Brush up your grammar (SfEP) 2017

  • Copy-editing 2: Headway [pass] (SfEP) 2017

  • Efficient editing: Strategies and tactics (SfEP) 2016

  • Proofreading 2: Progress (SfEP) 2016

  • Editing with Word (SfEP) 2016

  • Advanced Copy-Editing (PTC) 2011

  • Subediting and DesignDistinction
    (London School of Journalism) 2006


  • BA Honours degree in English Literature (Roehampton University of Surrey) 2003

  • NCTJ Certificate in Periodical Journalism
    (NCTJ) 2003


  • Freelance Feature Writing—Honours Diploma
    (London School of Journalism) 1997

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